Useful network tools

Bunch of useful network tools that are included for every account. And yes, they are free to use.

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Ping test

The Ping tool will perform a standard round trip ICMP echo request (ping) to any host you want to check

Port check

Check if port is opened on specified IP.

DNS lookup

This test will list DNS records for a domain in priority order.

Whois lookup

Find out for instance who owns certain domain name.

Reverse DNS lookup

Reverse DNS lookup is a process to determine the hostname associated with a given IP address.

Show my ip

Get to know what's your current IP address.

Traceroute test

Show path to defined destination.

Country by IP lookup

Detect country by IP.

Certificate information

Extract all information from an SSL certificate.

Tools for administrators

  • Ping test
  • Port check
  • DNS Lookup
  • Whois lookup
  • Reverse DNS lookup
  • Show my ip
  • Traceroute test
  • Country by IP lookup
  • Certificate information
Start using free network tools