Hosted Status Pages with integrated Website Monitoring

AdminLabs provides powerful monitoring and communication services for your business.

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All in one package

We provide one service for both monitoring your web services and building a status page for communicating transparently – building trust between you and your customers.

Reasonable pricing

Just because monitoring and communication are crucial for your business, it doesn't mean they have to be too expensive. Admin Labs offers you cost-effective pricing compared to competitors.

Hosted by us

Focus on hosting your services and let us stress about the rest. You will save money and time - and we will take care of the things where we are good at.

Share service updates with a hosted status page

A Status Page saves time from customer support. Instead of busy phone calls or drowning in support tickets, your customers can subscribe to real-time updates. You can use a Status Page for sharing the status of your services, network or websites for instance.

Your users want to know what’s happening and you should tell them. A quick look on the status page is the best possible option when your site or server is down. When your website is down, your status page will be online, safe and sound, hosted on our high availability environment.

  • Decrease your costs by teaching your customers to use status page
  • Build customer trust with transparent communication
  • Keep your customers happy with real-time reporting

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AdminLabs monitors

Instant notifications with Website Monitoring

Your customers expect your website to be available 24/7. How can you be sure how your web hosting or servers perform under the hood?

Don’t lose revenue because of the downtime, start monitoring your web service with AdminLabs!

  • Hosted global monitoring network
  • Immediate and reliable alerts
  • User-friendly management interface

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AdminLabs monitors

Don't listen to us, listen to our customers

Markku Hänninen

Services Director

Paytrail needs to have a reliable and versatile status page product for its customers and AdminLabs answers this call. Paytrail offers payment services for 10.000+ webshops and online services and it is very important that our customers are aware if our services have availability issues and that they can trust the information status page provides.

AdminLabs status page has been in use for years with Paytrail and we have had no issues with the service. Setup and modifications of status page are easy to do and AdminLabs support is always ready to help. I’m very satisfied with the AdminLabs service and our status page is one less thing to worry about.

Jon Smith

Director of Operations

I personally have been testing and trialing a multitude of status pages for at least a six month period of time. I came across AdminLabs and immediately noticed that it was feature-rich and easy to use. After running into a couple of issues, I contacted their support team and they were immediately able to assist me on my inquiries or help me with workarounds to resolved my desired outcome of a status page.

I have suggested features that would help HomeSeer and without hesitation, they took my suggestions and added them to their next feature release. The product is great and the customer service team is extra responsive. I highly recommend utilizing AdminLabs services.

Gareth Fuller​

Systems Manager (Systems of Engagement)

Pentland have been using AdminLabs to provide a status page and monitoring service for our B2B portal. It’s important to us that our customers are kept up-to-date on any issues or maintenance happening on our site. AdminLabs status page really allows us to be transparent with our customers.

Their product is feature rich, easy to use and is constantly evolving to include additional features. The REST API capability is an example of a feature which is being updated on a regular basis and will allow us to tightly integrate their service with our internal backend processes. The support provided by the AdminLabs team is very responsive and allows us to quickly resolve queries about the platform.

Saravana Kumar


In today's SaaS world it's essential to be transparent about your availability. The customers are relying on you to provide a solid platform, their business is affected if we are down. For example: In our case where Document360 provides self-service knowledge base platform to our customers, any downtime will directly impact their support.

AdminLabs helps us to achieve this transparency, we directly integrated our public status page into our application so customers can check the status anytime. We evaluated a bunch of products in the market and pleased with the quality, pricing, and service offered by AdminLabs.

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