Website monitoring made easy

Add monitors with just few clicks, get instant notifications on downtime.

Powerful worldwide monitoring, short 1 minute check interval and real time notifications keep you up to date.

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Powerful monitoring methods

You can monitor services with 1-5 minutes check intervals with URL, PING or PORT methods and choose from various other options.

Multiple monitor locations

Monitor locations can be set from different parts of the world like Europe, America and Asia so you can pick the best places for your services.

Instant notifications

Get instantly notified via email, push-, Slack or SMS when your service slows down or crashes.

Status pages

Embed a status page to your website so that your visitors can check about the availability of your service.

Network tools

AdminLabs includes various free tools like DNS lookup, ping, traceroute, port check up and many more.

New feature

Slack integration

Using Slack channels? With AdminLabs every team member of your company can get notified about downtime.

Why choose AdminLabs?

  • Unlimited users

    There are no limits with users in free or paid mode. You can add as many users as needed with selected access level.

  • Uptime matters

    Be first to know (before your customers do) when your website is down. The sooner you know your website availability is compromised, the less impact it has on your business.

  • Easy and fast

    It's easy to add more monitors, just tell us what you want to monitor, name it, click and you're done. With one look you see the current status of your existing monitors.

  • Pay as you go

    You only pay for what you use. On average, 6 website monitors with 2 minute interval and 8 SMS per month costs 14,19 euros. No monthly subscriptions. No commitment & risk free

Image about Admin Labs dashboard

Pay only for what you use

Pricing is based on actual usage. No monthly subscriptions, no limits in scans / scan intervals. Start monitoring your website.

1 websites
5min scan interval
0.89 / month

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Hear what our users are saying

We maintain our servers by ourselves, so it is important to know as soon as possible if something goes wrong. Monitors are easy to set up and maintain and the price is reasonable considering that we get the information about problems first and unpleasant outages to our customers stay minimum.

Toni Järvelä

Sportum Oy

In our business downtime means we're in trouble. When our clients' website isn’t available it also means bad things for them: lower sales, brand damage, and even lower search engine rankings. We use AdminLabs to avoid this. When downtime happens we’re ready to take action before our customers even notice what's going on.

Kristian Hohkavaara

Digitoimisto Dude Oy

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