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Alerting methods

Monitor without notifications is like a car without wheels - useless. Email notifications are useful because of the most significant amount of information. However, sometimes your mobile phone's network may be unreachable, and you would like to add a backup method for emails.

There are a bunch of different notification methods for different purposes:

  • Email
  • SMS
  • Telegram
  • Pushover
  • Slack
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Unlimited team members

Whether your organization has only one administrator or bigger NOC team, it doesn't matter. We don't want to limit the number of monitor contacts or notifications - invite as many team member as you wish. Just log in to the Dashboard and invite your whole team - couldn't be easier.

AdminLabs monitors

Webhook support

Oh, you want something magical to happen when a service outage occurs. With webhook calls attached to monitor state changes, only the sky is a limit. In Dashboard, you can add one webhook per monitor. When we detect that the state of the component has changed, we will call the given webhook url with parameters that you can find on Dashboard.

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