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System Metrics

Are your customers complaining about slow websites, but your Status Page is telling them that everything is just fine? From your point of view, a slow site doesn't mean that something is unreachable and there's no reason to indicate state changes (or incident) on the Status Page.

Solution to this challenge is System Metrics. Metrics get their data from the integrated monitors and display it on a beautiful chart. Add system metrics for your public endpoints and let your customer care to focus on a more challenging task than telling the same answers about temporary slow websites over and over again.

AdminLabs monitors

Real-time monitor states

If you want your communication to be 100% percent transparent and automated, it is possible to add your monitors to the Status Page. You can easily show the following things about monitors:

  • Monitor's current state (Ok, Down, Under maintenance)
  • Uptime/downtime calculator
  • Monitor uptime history
  • Scheduled maintenance
  • Monitor outages
AdminLabs monitors

Monitor uptime history

Your customers are interested in seeing how your business is performing over the certain time periods. For that purpose, we have built to kind of service level charts that can be attached to monitors on the Status Page.

The first chart is called Timeline. You can choose if you want to show daily uptime figures for 7, 30, 60, or 90 days.

The second chart is called Time periods. You can choose if you want to show uptime graphs for the last 24 hours, one week, one month, one year or whole history. It is also possible to show figures with or without scheduled maintenances.

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AdminLabs monitors

Scheduled maintenances

You don't want your monitors to go down during scheduled maintenance. With scheduled maintenances, you will tell your monitors to go Under maintenance mode while you are maintaining your services.

We are pretty sure that you would not want to show monitor's uptime figures or charts where maintenance outages decrease uptime percents, and at least that is the reason why you should use scheduled maintenances.

AdminLabs monitors

Monitor outage history

Are your customers filling your customer care's email mailbox with questions about last night's service outage? Show the outage history on the Status Page and teach your customers to find details on the Status Page.

On the Dashboard, you can leave comments on monitor outages, and they will be displayed on the Status Page with the other outage details.

Showing the outages with decent comments are giving an honest impression about you and your company. Trust is the key!

AdminLabs monitors