Status page


Let's customize your status page

Look and feel

Want to make the first impression with an awesome cover image, or just going with a lightweight and moderate logo? No matter what fits for your company, you can make that happen.

The colors have a significant effect on how your Status Page look like, and that is the reason why we have tried to make it possible to customize almost all colors. You can customize at least following:

  • Theme color
  • Overall status color
  • Background color
  • Header color
  • Paragraph text color
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Custom CSS

Color changes not enough? Want to use your own CSS? Then use Custom CSS editor to customize the appearance of your status pages. It works by allowing you to add your own CSS styles, which allows you to override the default styles or brand colors.

With our custom CSS editor you can make your status page look like anything you want, only sky is the limit! Even fonts can be changed if you have the skills.

  • Take control of the layout of your status page
  • Edit CSS as you wish
  • Make your status page unique

View demo status page

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Custom HTML

Make your status page unique by adding your own custom header and footer HTML blocks. With these elements you can even make your page look like your website by adding a navigation bar and contact details to footer.

It's possible to edit CSS of those blocks freely and change the order and appearance of your HTML to make your status page truly original.

View demo status page

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Customized emails

You would like to send your subscribers emails that are matching with the Status Page's look and feel - no problem. Color settings will also affect emails too. Besides that, you can also add a different logo to emails that are sent to your subscribers. With custom email footer you can include free content to all notifications.

Customization is not limited to layout, but it is possible to send emails by using your company's email address and name.

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Custom domain

We don't assume that you are happy with the default Status Page domain, and therefore it is in your hands that what the Status Page domain address should be. Just pick the one that is matching with your business and attach it to the Status Page.

If it is not an option for you to host own domain (DNS), we would like happy to help you. Just contact our sales, and we will help you to get the custom domain that you like the most.

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Language support

Everybody don't speak English. Based on the request, we have added language support for Deutsch, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish and Swedish.

If you feel that your language is missing, please contact our support.

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And there's more

There are plenty of other options on how you can change the look of the Status Page. Here are the most important ones:

  • Reordering content blocks
  • Reordering components
  • Reordering monitors
  • Adding header paragraph
  • Hiding / Showing block headers
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