Status page


Instant notifications with subscriptions


A dynamic Status Page may be enough, but sometimes you customer would like to have a more active way of communication. That is where you can find Status Page's subscription feature valuable.

Enable subscription option at Dashboard, and after your customer can subscribe to your Status Page. If you want to add your customers to your Status Page, it can be done at Dashboard with an import tool. Sometimes it could be a good idea to integrate your customer registry or process to the Status Page, and then you can find our REST API useful.

AdminLabs monitors


When there are changes to your Status Page, your subscribers are going to be notified by email notifications customized to match your company's look and feel. Notifications will be sent about (if selected):

  • Incidents (and comments)
  • Component state changes
  • Scheduled maintenances (and comments)
  • Monitor outages (and comments)
AdminLabs monitors

Component subscriptions

Usually, people are interested in getting notifications only about the things that affect them. With the component subscription model you would not bother your customers by sending out useless information.

There are two ways how to pair your customers with components:

  • On the Status Page (by the subscriber)
  • Via the REST API
AdminLabs monitors