Status Page keeps your customers updated

With AdminLabs customizable hosted status page you can quickly let your customers know about the current situation.

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Key features

Here are few most important features of status page

Link to Components


Components are the spine of your status page. With component hierarchy, you can easily build your status page to match with your service infrastructure.

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Link to Integrated monitoring

Integrated monitoring

Everything doesn't have to be manual. Attach monitors to your components and make your status page alive - or show them on your status page.

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Link to Customizable


There is no two identical companies, and there shouldn’t be two identical status pages either. For that reason, we have plenty of features to make your status page match your brand.

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Link to Subscriptions


Sometimes you need to have a faster way to communicate than a dynamic status page, and that is when the subscription model comes in. Add your customers to the status page with API or let them subscribe on Status Page.

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Want to hide your status page from public?

Private Status Pages

Lock down your status page from a public eye and communicate internally with your team. After creating a private status page, you can easily invite as many viewers you need. You can use private status pages for example sharing private status updates only with your customers, core team, employees, resellers... you decide!

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AdminLabs monitors

And many, many other features...


Real-time incidents are the way to keep your customers informed about a crisis that affects your service.


Make your customers happy and let them know of scheduled maintenance well before of it is happening.

Language support

Choose your status page language from Deutsch, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish and Swedish.

Rest API

With AdminLabs Rest API you can integrate status page into your own services. Read full API reference.

IP Access Control

Don’t want to share your status page with rest of the world? No problem, we got you covered.

Domain Hosting

Let’s make it easy – just choose a custom domain for your status page and let us host it for you.

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