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Key features

Here are few most important features of website monitoring

Link to Intelligent monitoring

Intelligent monitoring

With our intelligent global monitoring service, you can focus on doing something productive and trust on that you will be notified if something unexpected happens.

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Link to Notifications


Get notified right away about issues concerning your service. We provide multiple notification methods that you and you're team will find effective.

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Link to Reporting


When was the last outage and how long it was? What was the previous year uptime of your website or webshop? Find these or any other details at Dashboard.

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Link to Monitoring methods

Monitoring methods

You would probably want to monitor your public internet site or just a single network device. One monitor type is not ideal for all purposes, and for that reason, there are a couple of different monitor types - optimized for different monitoring needs.

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And many, many other features...

Global monitoring network

You can’t have reliable monitoring system if the system is located only in one location. In AdminLabs, we have distributed our monitoring network all-around the world based on the demand.


There are so many free monitoring services that require hours and hours of administrative work to be done, but our monitoring service is not one of them.

Multiple users

Invite your colleagues and share the fun – there are no limits for your team size.


Attach monitors to scheduled maintenance, and you will not get any useless alerts.


With webhooks, you can easily build up the functionality you need.

Intelligent scanners

You can choose to use specific scanner location or let our system to select best for your needs.

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