How to setup a custom email domain?

This documentation shows how to set up a custom email domain for your status page.


Custom email domain is a feature that makes it possible to send status page notifications from your company’s domain. In this demo, we will use our demo domain, and will use it for status page notifications. There are few technics that are widely used for preventing spammers from getting their messages through. Because it is crucial to get your status page notifications delivered, actions are needed.

Step 1 – SPF / Configure DNS

The first step is to update DNS settings for the domain, in this demo for the domain The basic idea is to allow AdminLabs’ to send emails for the domain Read more about sender policy framework (SPF).

Example – Cloudflare

  1. Login to your Cloudflare account
  2. Select your domain
  3. Select tab DNS
  4. Insert a new TXT record (or update existing), and add AdminLabs’ IP addresses:
  5. Content would be “v=spf1 ptr ip4: ip4: -all”. Usually, you have other allowed sender as well, and then you need to adapt the instructions.

Step 2 – Update the email domain for the status page

The second thing is to update the custom domain for the status page:

  1. Login to AdminLabs Dashboard
  2. Navigate to Status Pages / Manage
  3. Open your status page in edit mode
  4. Open the tab ‘Notifications’ and fill out the sender address – please see the example image

Step 3 – Test it

The last step is to validate the custom email domain. That can be done with status page’s testing tool:

  1. Login to AdminLabs Dashboard
  2. Navigate to Status Pages / Manage
  3. Select ‘Status Page tools’ from the tools