Release Notes

Release notes provide information on the features and improvements in each release. This page includes release notes for major releases and minor releases (bugfix).

Release 2017-12-19

This is a major release including several new features and bugfixes.

Status Pages

  • Component states (operational, maintenance, degraded performance, partial outage and major outage)
  • Component maintenances (including commenting feature)
  • Two-level component view (including incidents and maintenances)
  • Big changes for page structure – user can now choose whether:
    • Maintenances and incidents are shown as attached to component(s), in separated section or both
    • Maintenances and outages are shown as attached to monitor(s), in separated┬ásection or both

Website monitoring

  • Automatic scanner location detection
  • Outage reminder after one-hour downtime


  • One combined view for maintenance management – it is easier to manage maintenances that have been attached to both component(s) and monitor(s)
  • Component(s) state changes attached to incidents
  • New requirement – at least one contact/notification method per monitor
  • New requirement – square shaped favicon (looking better on Status Page)

Overall changes

  • Limit two-level components to five in Status Page’s Free plan
  • New terms and conditions

Release 2017-09-18

This is a major release including several new features and bugfixes.

Status Pages

  • Component subscriptions – attach selected components to your status page and let your customer choose components that they want to receive notifications about
  • Two-level components – it makes it easier to manage statuses of big infrastructures

Website monitoring

  • Telegram notifications
  • Monitor group management – now it is possible to delete/rename groups
  • Better monitor management – don’t validate all parameters if there are not changes


  • New endpoints
  • PUT: Outage comment
  • PUT: Maintenance comment


  • User management – now it is possible to change user’s group/name
  • Outage comment management – comment deletion
  • Maintenance comment management – comment deletion
  • Payment method migration from Stripe to Braintree – better support for AMEX payments