Status page features

Here we have a short description per status page feature.


Subscribers are users (public status pages) that will get notifications about changes on your status page if you choose to send a notification once the changes happen. In the Dashboard you can choose if the subscription option is shown on your status page. Subscribers can also be added/imported in the Dashboard or managed through the REST API interface.


The viewer is like the subscriber, but for the private status pages. The viewer is required to log in to view the content of private status page.

Showcase Components

Showcase components are an advanced version from components – including daily history graph for an optional time period.

System Metrics

System metric is a visual way to present how your services are performing over time. System metrics gets their data from monitors. System metrics can be added to the monitors that have a scanning interval of 30-seconds, 1 or two minutes.


This is how long we are going to store data about sent notifications. Once the time limit has exceeded, data will be removed, and it is not possible to see what notifications are sent for selected subscriber/viewer.

Component Subscriptions

The default setting for subscriber/viewer is to send notifications about all changes. Especially for bigger companies, this is too much, and the would like to allow subscriber/viewer to select which components’ changes they would like to be notified about.

IP Access Control

With this feature, you can limit the access to your status pages for selected IP addresses or subnets.

Crisp Integration

It would be a good idea to add chat integration to your status pages to make sure, that you can serve your customers in any circumstances. Crisp chat is a lightweight chat service that we can recommend.

Twitter Integration

With this feature, you can embed your Twitter feed into your status page.

Google Analytics

If you want to see more information about your status page visitors, the best way is to use Google Analytics integration.

Custom Email Domain

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SSL Certificate

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Domain / DNS hosting

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Yearly Invoicing

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